Healthcare Coalitions

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Healthcare coalitions are funded through the Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) Cooperative Agreement from the Assistant Secretary for Preparedenss and Response (ASPR).

healthcare coalitions by the numbers

 there were 374 healthcare coalitions as of July 1, 2017, but further consolidation is expected

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healthcare coalition membership

an HCC member is defined as an entity within the HCC’s defined boundaries that actively contributes to HCC strategic planning, identification of gaps and mitigation strategies, operational planning and response, information sharing, and resource coordination and management 

Per ASPR, core HCC members, at a minimum, include: hospitals, public health departments, emergency management agencies, and emergency medical services providers.

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ASPR identifies other important HCC members as:

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the healthcare coalition

A healthcare coalition is a group of individual health care and response organizations with a defined geographic area of service

Healthcare coalitions foster an environment of collaboration that helps each member be better prepared to respond to emergencies and manage planned events.

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Coalition's can provide access to medical equipment and supplies, real-time information, communication systems, and the services needed to build an educated and trained health care workforce.

the healthcare coalition is neutral

a healthcare coalitions must be independently governed

Healthcare coalitions must be neutral, kinda like Switzerland. They must be independently governed organizations without real or perceived control by any single provider.

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A neutral, independently governed coalition can be achieved by either establishing a nonprofit corporation or establishing the coalition under a host organization.

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Contrary to popular belief, taking a healthcare coalition nonprofit and becoming a 501(c)(3) is not one and the same. The 501(c)(3) tax-exempt designation is optional and can be done after the nonprofit has been established.

An independently governed healthcare coalition requires, well, independent governance.

Healthcare Coalition Governing Documents

Healthcare coalitions that establish independent nonprofit corporations must concern themselves with living by the requirements of their corporate charter. For coalitions using third-party fiduciary agents, governance starts with their bylaws.